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Want to know more about an organization? Click on any logo and it will take you to their website.

Since November of 2016, the Women's Executive Club hosts causes which a WEC member chooses to spotlight. This is done quarterly.

They are given a table at a luncheon and the ability to Champion Their Cause!

If you would like to Champion Your Cause,please speak with our VP of Programming - Rania Jawde to sign up. We invite non-profits on these Months:  January, April, September and November.

November 2018
September 2018
July 2018
April 2018
January 2018
November 2017  (September cancelled due to Hurricane Irma)
November 2017  (September cancelled due to Hurricane Irma)
June 2017
April 2017
January 2017
November 2016 - Kickoff of Champion Your Cause Program
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