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                                         Membership Information                                    

Corporate Membership is open to women owners, executives, or other key employees of the business.   

One member is designated “Lead Member” and is the primary member from the business and up to 3 additional “Affiliate Members.  This membership includes the cost of one lunch per month.  Additional lunches are the responsibility of the business.    

Our purpose is to create a supportive and engaging environment that allows for networking and education to enhance the professional and personal lives of our members. 

                                                Due Schedule      

     $475.00 - Corporate Membership:  Includes one paid lunch per month.  Additional lunches cost $38 per lunch. 

                        You may submit your completed application to Women’s Executive Club at:

                                             Women’s Executive Club of South Palm Beach County

                                                     PO Box 811242, Boca Raton, FL 33481

          Once approved, you will receive an invoice with instructions on paying by check or credit card. 

Please note: Membership requires Board approval. Membership Fees collected at the time of application submission will be held and deposited upon approval. All Membership Fees are due within 30 days of approval and are non-refundable. WEC Bylaws are posted on the website and signing this application is acknowledgment of the entitlement to obtain a copy.

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